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Full list of Publications

"The Dollhouse." Petigru Review Volume 1, 2007

"Figs." The Smoking Poet Winter 2009-2010 Issue 13

"Plastic." Eclectic Flash Literary Journal April 2010, Volume 1

"Roommates." Fiction Fix Issue 9, Spring 2011, (Pushcart nomination) (Best of the Net nomination)

"The Descent." The Monarch Review Winter April 12, 2011, 2nd Place Winner Thomas Wolfe Fiction Awards

"You Are Such A Poem." 5x5 Literary Magazine Summer 2011, Illumination

"Abandon." Red Booth Review May 2011, Issue 23

"Twelve Drawers." Emrys Journal Volume 29, 2012

"Vegas Thunder." Literary Laundry, Volume 2, Issue 1, Autumn 2011

"The Temp." Barely South Review April 2012, Old Dominion University

"Tolstoy & the Checkout Girl" Barely South Review September 2012, Old Dominion University

"Tips."  Steel Toe Review Volume 3, 2013 (Pushcart nomination)

"Dirty Nickel." The Ottawa Object Volume 2, 2016

"A Feeling." The Merrimack Review  Winter 2014-2015, Issue Two

"The End of the Century."  The Sand Hill Review Summer 2015, Volume 16

"afternoons with kerouac." Prick of the Spindle, A Journal of the Literary Arts, Vol. 5.3, Sept. 2011

"86 Miles from El Paso." The MacGuffin, Winter 2007, Volume XXIII, No. 2

"If I Could Be Anything I'd Be a Poem on the Desk of Gabriel Garcia Marquez." Winner Poet Hunt Award, The   MacGuffin, Winter 2007, Volume XXIII, No. 2

"Abandon." The MacGuffin, Winter 2007, Volume XXIII, No. 2

"The Day You Find Out Your Uncle Was Gunned Down by Police." Conclave, Spring 2016

“Fancy.” Flash Fiction Magazine, March 7, 2017

“Cape Fear, Open Road to the Ferry. Hurricane Season." Thrice Fiction™ No. 18, December 31, 2016

“Crucifix Built for Two.” Best New Writing, Anthology, 2018 Edition

“Drunk Dial.” Prometheus Dreaming, Winter, 2019

 The Literary Review, Contents May Shift, Summer, 2020

"Afternoons with Tom." The Emerson Review, April 2021

"(S)hero of Shahkoka Lake." Red Rock Review, Fall 2021

"South America." Genuine Gold Literary, Volume 2, July 2022

"Gloria Gaynor Thinks You're a B*tch." Stylus Prose Winner, Autumn 2022

"Azaleas." Stylus, Autumn 2022

"Wild Asses of the Mojave Desert". Long List. Lee Smith Novel Prize. 2023

"Tell Me the Future, Souls of the Earth." Hobart, April 2023

"The Story of (Us)." Olit, Issue 4, Summer 2023

"Ode to a Point in Time." SHIFT, Issue 5, 2023

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